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Hog N Arrow

Welcome to Hog N Arrow. A private camping area for the archery hunter


About Us

Our Home


Our home and property has been family owned since 1965. Located 32 miles west of Bryan-College Station where we have enjoyed being hidden away on 228 open fenced acres. Our place is the home for all kinds of wildlife like deer, coyotes, bobcats, foxes and of course.....the infamous HOG.

Our Mission


To provide a clean private camping area for the archery club member and their family to be together and enjoy the great outdoors.

Archery Hunting Only


Campsite archers will have access to a hunting area to walk hunt and sit over a feeder to hunt for hogs and predators. Minimum of 2 archery hunters per weekend reservation and a maximum of 3 hunters at this time.

Hog N Arrow Campsite

Private Assigned Campground Area


Clean isolated camping area for you and your family to set up your tent and camping gear. Maybe a game of horseshoes or break out the bow and arrows.

Campfire Cooking


The camping area has two fire rings(one with a cooking grate) and a small grilling pit.

Picnic Table and Benches


Camp area has a 10 x 20 foot canopy cover, large  6ft picnic table with several campfire benches to enjoy the evening around the fire. There is plenty of space to park and set up tents.

Archery Targets


To keep your archery skills tuned, we can provide the camp site with two field point archery bags and two 3d animal targets. Fee is $75 for the weekend.

A Place to Hunt for Hogs


There are several different paths in to the woods that will lead to the tripod stands overlooking a corn feeder. The archer can hunt the area along this path and to the stand or feeder while camping. No bag limit for hogs. No guaranteed kill. 

A Place to Hunt Predators


Hunting of predators and varmints allowed.

Additional Information


Hours and Fees - Weekend Only or Extended Weekend

Weekend Only No Guests(Friday 6pm until Sunday 8pm) - Camp site rental with hunting rights for a minimum 2 hunters $300 with one additional hunter allowed for a maximum of three hunters in the field. Additional hunter fee $125, which includes the availability of hunting a 138 acre area with three tripod stands overlooking corn feeders. A fourth stand is situated at a known hog travel trail. This area is surrounded by another 200 acres of heavy woods, ponds and a one mile deep in the woods wet water ravine.  One additional hunter allowed for a maximum of three hunters in the field. No bag limit or kill fee.

Weekend with Guests - Additional guest fee of $20 per person for hunters bringing guest

Hunters with Guests

Hunters are allowed and encouraged to bring their families with them to enjoy the outdoor camping experience. Children under the age of 16 can hunt with their parents for no fee. All other guests will have no hunting privileges but can enjoy camping and archery target practice. All hunters are required to have a State of Texas hunting license, proof of liability insurance and sign our liability release prior to entering the property. The liability release form can be filled out after you arrive. Maximum number of non hunting family members in camp limited to 2-3 per hunter.

Camping Area

Campsite is primitive with non-potable water to use for washing and rinsing. You will need to bring your own food, beverages, coolers and ice. Firewood is available everywhere but campfire wood will be provided for Friday night. Fire pit has a grilling grate and we also provide a small barbecue pit. You will need to bring your own cookware and utensils. Bring your own tent, camper or RV. We can provide the camp site with two bag and two 3d targets for practice. (field point arrows only) Additional fee is $50 for the weekend.


ATV and UTV's are allowed(saftey helmet required), but not recommended except for transporting game only. Our property has been a vehicle/tractor only with no ATV or UTV traffic for 15 years. Except at night, walk hunting to your assigned stand and feeder will give you a better chance of running in to hogs as they move to feed.

Game Processing

All hog/varmint kills to be processed by you at my assigned cleaning station which is located next to my workshop 3/4 mile to the south of your campsite. I want to keep your camp area and hunting field clean. We will dispose of the remaining carcass after you have finished quartering.


Archery only with no firearm hunting allowed. Side arms while walk hunting or tracking wounded game allowed for your protection only. Air guns approved for children at the campsite area with parent supervision. Your campsite will have an air gun target to use along with the archery target bags.

The Hunting Zone

Catfish Pond


Catfish pond is a small but deep pond that keeps water available pretty much all year long. This is one of three ponds on the property. The hogs frequently use this location as their evening spa.

Wet Water Ravine


This location is  30ft away from the wet water ravine. The ravine runs about a mile long through the dense woods and access is tough.

The Cross Roads


This stand sits right off the main one mile private family road. Every year this area is full of mustang grapes and dewberries. Wild life of all types cross through this intersection. This has been a great spot to sit and wait.

The Ravine


The wet water ravine runs for a mile through the hunt zone. There are several spots where the depth of the ravine is 20ft deep with about 3ft. of water in it.

Hogs on the Prowl


These hogs just came through about 20ft from the crossroads stand, right off our main travel road.



Every year we have lots and lots of dewberries and mustang grapes..…….a wildlife treat.

To reserve a weekend contact:

Robert Humphreys - Owner

979-200-1275 Cell 

Hog N Arrow

5055 CR 361 Caldwell, Texas 77836, United States


Weekends Only

Weekend Only-Friday 6pm until Sunday 8pm

Extended Weekend-Friday 2pm until Monday 10am

Additional days  available upon request and review


Reservation Holding Deposit Fee

US$ 150.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Reservation holding deposit of $150 required with remainder of camp rental weekend fee due upon arrival and signing the required liability release.

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